KONY 2012 A Fraud?

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a fraud. Everything in the video was a bit too perfect, you know? But, it’s very sad. I mean, the aim of the video is a great aim. I do think all these bad things happening to people all around the world should be stopped. Obviously, sending money to a random “NGO” isn’t the way to do it. Yes, Kony needs to be found and taken down. No, I don’t think the government that let him get away with it for so long should be the one to do it.

I admit, I didn’t realize the video was a fake the first time I saw it. The second time, I caught on. Then, I attended a discussion about it and it was set in stone that what he was going for wasn’t what it was.

Really, that poor kid that is now known to millions of people on the planet. He will forever be known as the “Kony kid” or something, and he doesn’t deserve that. He was fooled worse than any of us, and that just isn’t fair.


Kony 2012 Makes Ugandan’s “Angry”

The first thought I had with this is, of course they will act differently. The video is aimed at American’s, who have likely never seen the brutality that the Ugandan’s have seen. If I were them, I’d want justice as well, and I can see why they think this video isn’t doing it’s job.

Alright, and whomever stuck the label on the Ugandan’s as being “angry” is really funny. Talk about biases. I’d say they are less angry than they are annoyed – wishing that the video would show more of the brutality to get the message across, that wearing tshirts with Kony’s face on it supports him, etc. That shows me that they disagree with the campaign, and are let down by it, but not that they are angry. Seriously, why do white people always portray black people as angry?

And, why did they have to show the rock throwing? Talk about making them look like savages. It’s one thing to record the truth, but it’s how you present it that alters the viewer’s opinion. I don’t like how Al Jazeera presented that at all – and usually I support Al Jazeera. What is happening to the news services?

The second thought I have, is about the rock throwing. Who was throwing rocks, and at who?

Also, the narrator of this video, news-ancor or whatever, seems to support the Kony 2012 video. He says some things near the end that made me furrow my brow. But, I don’t want to taint your view of it, so do feel free to share your views!