“You pass through life like early morning…”

Sakura Blossom

Dreaming, not waking 

Early morning breezes tickle,

Dandelions dance.

       Amidst many changes in my life I am called to write. There is a certain kind of feeling experienced when you leave everything behind for a completely new path. It’s a feeling like floating on a wave – not quite awake, not quite asleep, dreaming, not waking. Every moment is full of endless potential. But, then again, isn’t it anyway? It is in these times of transition that we find ourselves – our real, true, unbiased, no-illusions, self. We tend to find that the Self is completely unlimited. That, in fact, there isn’t a Self, definable as such, but a series of comings-and-goings. A kind of desperate plea for uncertainty. At first, it feels liberating. You have no responsibilities, nothing in your name, no job to get to, no school, or family, or friends calling for your attention. Everything is just space. Everything is limitless. Driving over the mountains, clearly endless blue skies above us, we felt as though we were on top of the world. We had 14 hours of homelessness, in one of the most beautiful parts of this country. The air is so much fresher all these miles above the busy cities and refineries. It’s almost too easy to forget all of this modern world.

       Forgetting is what our minds want to do. It is the easy way out of responsibility. Caring is difficult. Caring takes time and attention and energy, none of which are easily replenished as every action takes time to see the result. Caring can be overwhelming. Up here, on top of the world, there is nothing to care about. It is here where I experience true release, true happiness. You see children smiling for no reason at all, smiling at the smell of the flowers and the songs of the birds and the feel of the air against their skin. It is up here that I can truly say I understand what they are smiling for. The sun feels so close and so warm, and time slows down.

       It has been one full week since we experienced that. It didn’t take long for the 14 hours to pass and for us to take the seemingly short descent into the valley that we now call home. You see the city before you see the ocean, all lights and busy people. It is like waking from an existential dream of non-duality. The experience is much like taking that first step out of a retreat hall and onto a busy street. It’s a bit overwhelming, but you’re lucky, because you have all this stored up happy energy from the experience of release. This stored-up energy allows you to see the new landscape with fresh eyes, non-judging and compassionate. You make it through the busy city, as your new home lies on the far side, only blocks away from the vast, free ocean. You get here unscathed, still holding that happy, light energy close to your heart. This energy had permeated your whole body, and it lifted you to a lightness that was like you had become a cloud. The flowing and pulsing dance of wind and life-energy still coursed through you, with you, as you.

       As you enter your new home and proceed with all the formalities, you take a deep breath, and feel suddenly dizzy with realization. The search you have been on for your whole life, this search to be happy and free like you feel on top of the mountains, you feel it now too. It hasn’t left. The only thing that changed is your perception. Rather than seeing it for what it is, always present, you see it as something only attainable in certain environments. You close your eyes, letting your other senses experience the moment, and you feel this dreamlike happiness. Opening your eyes, it’s still there. You take a step, and still, it’s with you. A smile spreads on your soft lips and your eyes brim with tears. Regardless of what life calls on you for, you are there, completely present, and it is okay. Everything is okay. Everything is okay because inherently, you are free. You are expansive and huge, infinite. You are potential. Everything is potential.

       Cherry blossoms line the streets, mingling with flowers you don’t recognize. You can pick up probably a dozen different bird songs. You tell yourself that the steady thrum and vibration is the sound of the nearby ocean, though you’re probably kidding yourself. The tides pull at you as the pulse closer and further, grasping and releasing. Even the concrete buildings squished into city-blocks pulse and vibrate with life. Everything exists in meditation. Everything meditates.

       Abandoning your few possessions, the first stop is the bay, the soft sand squishing between your toes, the smell of salt-water and fish a welcome reminder that you are home, and you are safe.

Photo Copyright (c) April 2014, Chraeloos


I attended a yoga workshop this weekend that dealt a bit with energy, input and ADD/ADHD. We as society are trying to sculpt each other to act and think in certain ways. We expect people to ignore all the input their senses pick up on, in order to “fit in”. In my experience, yoga and meditation both work for the opposite – to settle into your mind and truly feel reality. Don’t ask anything of it, don’t expect anything from it, but just sense it. There is so much going on in this world, so much energy flowing through and around us and so much other life. How can we expect people, especially children who are completely open and sensitive to all this, to stop noticing it? Many of us adults have built up walls and barriers to it all, stuck ourselves in a kind of cell where nothing can get in so we can stand up to societies expectations – go to school, get good grades, be a good athlete, get a job, contribute to society, have a family, etc. When really all we need to do sometimes is sit and breathe. Let our senses notice; become one with the earth. Perhaps people diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are simply more attuned to the reality around us, and less blocked up with walls shoving it all out. I know people with OCD and ADD/ADHD will find a way to let out all this energy that they are receiving from the world around them. Some tap, some draw, some organize, some make noises, whatever it is, it is just a way to release the energy that you are attuned to. Perhaps these diagnosed people aren’t in a bad place, aren’t different than us, but are just more open and receiving the energies around them, which is what we as yogis, Buddhists, meditators, etc. are all looking for. Sure, it can be frustrating and make you anxious, but is that because we as society tell you it’s wrong? When working with yoga and meditation, you learn ways to let it pass through you and back into the earth without letting it fill you up. In other words, you may always have an empty cup. Inner peace. I hope you may find a path to help you along your journey. Just remember to breathe. Don’t let your thoughts become you. Notice, but don’t hold on. Namaste, my friend.

Originally posted as a reply to a question on Google+: https://plus.google.com/116772688653951753345/posts/8cZhzLSj72E