Updates Sunday Feb 5

This weekend has been busy! Tons of lectures: Saturday there was the ancient geometry lecture by Erik Goff at Edutopia; Sunday there is currently a lecture by Pamela Clift at Biomedicine Research Organization on “States of Being in a Virtual World”; “Pathways to Mental Health” by Frederick Hansome at Magoja;  “Earth science” lecture at The Science Circle on “Rock forming minerals”; Naked Scientists at SciLands; and of course there is the second part of Corona Anatine’s lecture on the invention and emergence of religion at the Epithet and Synonym Cafe.

So much to learn! Already I’ve learned about fibonacci’s spiral, the Vitruvian Man, Sumerians counting in 60’s instead of 10’s (and why), and how different people react to each other in-world and how it affects each other. So much more is going on this afternoon, make sure you come online and check it out. It’s a great day to get involved! I also relearned how to do long division (who remembers this stuff?!), and ratios.

Will be posting the notes for Tuesday’s discussion at E&S, topic being causation, knowledge from experience, Hume, Locke, and Berkeley, and possibly strange loops.

See you around!