Karma and Death

We lost a family member last week. Her funeral was Monday, and over 85 people showed up. I lost count. So fantastic how many lives she touched. Every single one of them could have stood up and said something unique about her. She was one of those rare people who always knew what to say and do, and when to say it. She brought everyone into her family, no questions asked. She will for sure be missed, but it was really nice to see how much of an impact she left. This is karma, in a sense, where her actions are still with us and will always cause ripples. When we went to visit her in the hospital I gave her a hug and my scarf snagged on her glasses, so she exists still as part of my scarf. She was listening to music and now every time I hear that kind of music I think of her; she exists still in my thoughts. She had made spanikopita and sent a huge Tupperware of the leftovers home with us in August, we never did give the Tupperware back to her; she exists still in objects and our associations to them, our regrets and wishes and happiness. She influenced so many people to do so many things, and always knew just what to do. But, she’s not gone. I don’t know if I believe in a soul or heaven or whatever else, but I do believe that by touching so many (and even if she had only touched a few) her essence will always be with us – in every song, scarf, and Tupperware. Our bodies are made of physical material – form, but the impact we leave on the world around us is really what defines who and what we are. I still feel her, just as I feel all of you. I take solace in this realization, and I hope some of you will too.