Chrae’s Weekly Notice

Hello everyone! A friendly reminder that the group “Chrae’s Philosophy and Literature” will be closing down. If you haven’t already joined the new group or the new subscribo-matic, please ask Chraeloos for an invite, or search “Creativity; Karma” in search.

**Story-time will be canceled this week due to RL circumstances.**

**Creativity will be trying out a new time. No more event on Tuesdays! If this time doesn’t work we’ll have to figure something else out.**


☯Creativity, Saturday Feb 9 at 9amSLT
Topic: Gaia and Singularity

How is the idea of Gaia – Earth as a conscious being – similar to that of a singularity, and how are they connected?


There is a new subscribo-matic for you all to join. I know my groups pile up fast so if it’s easier for you to join a subscribo please feel free to do so. The LM to the subscribo is:, but you will also be able to click it at my events, as I’ll have one rezzed.


Introducing a new Google+ group:

It will be the equivalent of the SL group “Chrae’s Philosophy and Literature”, and hopefully all discussions will be available on hangouts as well, for those of us who may not be able to get on SL. Please feel free to post any link, thoughts, questions, comments or anything that you feel we would all benefit from.

Also, check out the blog or calender for more updates:


Love to everyone! Namaste, Om Shanti, Sat nam! ☯


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