A little update

Hello everyone! It’s great to see you all again. I’m looking to host one event a week. The event theme may change often, since I don’t have time to do an event for everything I did before. With the theme changes, I’ll also change locations with the events. If you have a location or theme you’d like me to consider please let me know! I’ve got a few locations in mind, namely the same ones I’ve hosted at before, and I will be contacting the sim owners to see if it’s still available.

I know a lot of people host their own events, and since I’ve been gone for so long I’m going to request that if you are a host please send me a notecard saying when you host so I can plan to not interfere with your time.

Also, check out the blog or calender for more updates:




Thanks to everyone – it’s great to be back! More info about what I’ll be hosting to come.

Om Shanti!

☯ Love to all, Chrae