The Chalice As the Ultimate Truth

ChaliceThe Tao Te Ching suggests that the value of a vessel lies in its emptiness. Celtic and other traditions tell us of a sacred vessel, chalice, or cauldron, focus for a whole community or culture, that can never be emptied.

So many myths concentrated on one symbol, all involved with healing, or fertility, or death, or immortality.

Then there is the Christian symbol of the cup of the Last Supper, wherein Jesus symbolically offered his blood or Spirit for us all without exception. Later, the physical cup became the object of spiritual quest, in the form of the Holy Grail. Quested for but never found, corresponding to real spiritual questions that lead us ever deeper through layers of answers.

And again, in the Sufi tradition, there are the analogies of water taking on the qualities of the vessel that contains it (and vice versa); and the sharing of water, milk, hospitality so essential to the desert and steppe cultures, all made possible through the utility of the “vessel” or chalice. ” Originally posted at “Chalice,  a Living School” by Ian Marr

The picture shown above hit me in the face. Almost literally. I don’t know what city this was taken at, or by who (found it on Google images), but it doesn’t really matter. The chalice is the beginning and end of all things symbolically. It can be empty, and it can be full, and it can overflow. In TCM and qigong they would suggest that your dan-tiens (the three energy centres of the human body) can be filled but cannot overflow. In this sense, it can be filled to the brim, but will only energize you and continue to flow through you, but not make you ill. You can never have too much energy. Likewise, the universe cannot be filled. We cannot do it permanent harm, because we cannot fill something we don’t even know the size of – something that may have no limits.

This picture makes me think that the universe is trying to tell us that we can do whatever we want to it, but it is still bigger than us, we can be overpopulated but it will just accept that, or push us over and move on. We are harming our planet, but we are also learning a lot. Many of us are becoming much more enlightened than ever before. We are opening our hearts and our minds and our souls to possibilities that weren’t allowed to be spoken of even 50 years ago. As a species we are growing. The universe can feel that. We are all one with the universe (as in Shay’s discussion last sunday at Tricipian Center, about stardust and our connection to the universe) – we are all made of stardust. But, the universe is massive. It is more intelligent than we will ever be. We are just a figment of this massive consciousness. So, we can harm our planet, and we can harm ourselves, but the universe will move on, as if growing out of an invisible friend. It’s hard to believe, but we aren’t as important as we like to think. We are small and insignificant when it really comes down to it. And the universe sends us funny signals to remind us that it is much larger than we are. We can only see what’s inside our perception horizon. Our own planet is in our perception horizon, and it affects us as much as we do it. What we do to it makes a big difference in our lives and the lives of everything that exists on this planet. But our life span as a species is a sneeze in the timeline of the universe. So, lets make that sneeze worth it and start filling up the chalice of life energy, and become a community once again. Lets stop harming our planet and our bodies and minds and start helping to heal it.


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