Chakra/Reiki Healing

The following is what I use for the saturday group reiki healing. Please use in moderation, and be very careful when you practice.


Thank you for coming today! If you have any questions or comments please keep them in IMs until the guided practice is over. If you would like to be healed, or know someone who needs healing, please put the “@” symbol in local chat. This will let me know who wants to be on the table. I’ll call you up one by one.

In the following steps I will take you through a basic way of opening your chakras and manipulating the energy around you for the purpose of healing yourself or others. Please make yourselves comfortable, however that is for you. I suggest, for this practice, to align yourselves in a sitting position somehow, as this practice has strong visuals that work best in a sitting position. Any movements should be slow and steady with your breathing.

I will stand as the main healer at the table, while everyone else can grab a seat or stand around the table and focus their energy. As this is a new event, feel free to IM me with suggestions or comments about how you think this is working.

Feel free to have the sim music on, or any other music if you think it will help you.

Any movements you make should be slow and matching your breathe.

There is a chart against the wall to assist you if you are unfamiliar with the chakras.

If at any time you feel dizzy or weak, or strange in an uncomfortable way, please stop the exercise, close your chakras, and stop sending energy. If that happens, having a drink of luke warm water should help bring you back to center.

When on the table, please say something if you feel uncomfortable at any time. Remote healing can be very strong, surprisingly so.

Ok, I want you all to do these steps with me, as best you can.

1. Close your eyes. Take a deep breathe in. Get comfortable, whether its lying down or sitting, eyes opened or closed. Let the sounds of the world surround you; listen to the birds, the air, the children playing outside. Notice your breathing getting calmer, deeper, and steadier.

2. Keep your breathe at a steady rhythm. Try to breathe not into your chest but deep into your stomach. If it helps, lay your hands against your lower abdomen to feel where your breathe should reach.

3. While you are breathing, cycle through the chakras in your mind; starting at the crown chakra, just above your head, go down to the third eye chakra, to the throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus, sacral, and finally to your root chakra.

4. Now imagine filling each chakra with a white light that is streaming into your body from the sky. Imagine pulling from all the energy around you and bringing that light into each chakra, starting from the crown and working your way down to the root chakra. Pull that energy all the way through your body.

5. When you can feel the light inside your whole body, bring your hands together, palms touching as if in prayer. Once your hands are touching, bring them slightly apart and imagine filling the space between with the energy that is inside of you – that is coming from that light.

6. When you can feel it gathering there, move your hands to a position that feels as though you are holding a ball between them. Feel that energy manifest there, and feel it build until it feels almost like a solid object between your hands. At this point your hands are likely hot and somewhat tingly; don’t worry, this feeling is normal. If this is one of your first times and you can’t feel it, thats perfectly ok – it takes a lot of practice and concentration.

7. Now, you should be able to focus the energy towards a subject by positioning your hands to face them. In real life you could place your hands over the area of their body that is affected, but when remote healing, at first, you should just try to focus at the computer screen – use it as a connection between you and the subject.

8. What helps me to send the energy is to rotate my hands in a circular motion bringing them down from my third eye chakra to the solar plexus chakra – then pushing them out towards the screen while breathing out. Move with your breathe at all times. Breathe in while your hands lower, breathe out while they push the energy towards the screen and come back up to the third eye chakra.

9. Keeping that light coming into all your chakras from the energy around you, send it with the motion of your hands to the person you are trying to heal. Keep this going until you no longer need to use it as an aid.

10. When the healing is complete, or you need to stop, you need to close your chakras. To close your chakras, which you must do every time you open them, start at the root chakra and stop letting the light in, send it back up out of your body, one chakra at a time, as if slowly emptying the light from within you. I want you to do this with me: bring your palms back to face each other, let the energy manifest there. Now, bring the energy back inside you; let it pool in your chakras and let your hands rest on your lap or by your sides. Let that ray of light move upwards out of your last chakra – the root chakra. Bring it into the sacral chakra, now to the solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and finally to your crown shakra. Now, send it out of your crown chakra and close it.

11. Now, calm yourself with deep breathes. Close your eyes and let the world in again. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply, have a few drinks of water, and relax. If it helps you to center yourself, shake out your limbs, flex your muscles and relax them, become familiar with your body again. Wiggle your fingers and toes (dancing phalanges!), and relearn your body.

You can repeat this exercise as much as you’d like. It is a general introduction to the chakras and energy healing, so when you are comfortable with it you can change it up as much as you like to suit you best.


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