Reiki Healing Sessions

I have great news!

Thanks to all of your wonderful support I’ve saved up and bought a reiki table for the beach in SL!

I’m now booking either individual or group reiki sessions. I am not a professional reiki healer, and have only been trained casually. Pricing may vary, but generally it will be $500L ($2 USD) per half hour of healing.

If you would like to use the reiki table, please feel free to drop by at any time, but understand that if someone else is using it to be respective and wait your turn. I’ve also got a massage table, a hot tub, yoga mats, and tai chi balls, which are all open for your use at any time. I want this beach to be filled with positive energy, and that can only happen with your help.

Regular group reiki sessions held every Saturday at 8pmSLT. These will be free to attend. This Saturday, June 23, the group reiki session will be held at 1pmSLT due to RL commitments.

The reiki table is located inside the tent for privacy reasons. Feel free to come take a look before booking a session.

For those of you who have never tried manipulating your chakras or qi, please try this exercise, shared with me from a good friend:

How to focus and feel Chi/Qi/Prana

1) Relax, sit comfortably in a strightback chair. ( Be sure you are in a place where there is no significant breeze, or airflow. This is critical when feeling chi for the first time.)

2) Arms relaxed, move your hands, palms facing each other, shoulder-width apart.

3) Focus your attention on the palms of your hands.

4) Slowly move your palms together, not touching.

5) Slowly move them apart, then back together. At this point, you should feel a warmth, or pressure. You are feeling, your Chi/Qi/Prana/Aura-field.

6) Move your hands further apart, then back together until you get a feel for the Chi. It will start to feel like a ball, or balloon.

7) The next step is to focus the Chi, and “scan” your body with it. This may take some doing, but with practice, you can move the Chi to points of pain/illness within your body.

8) The next step is to focus the Chi, and move it through your Chakras.

9) Before going to sleep, use Chi-scan to cycle your Chakras, and do progressive relaxation.


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