Play-Doh and String Theory

Ok, as I was just playing with Play-doh (yes, I’m a big girl) I came across a realization. In string theory they suggest that the dimensions may be rolled up in a spiral – ie. imagine a Taquito, or a poster. They exist so tightly wrapped that we can’t even see them, or measure them, or anything. All eleven of the suckers. Well, if you think about it, if the universe was built spontaneously, it wouldn’t know what to do with itself, so it’s a possibility, just as any other theory, that this is how its laid out. It wasn’t being very considerate of the possible being that may one day inhabit it but it didn’t really know what was coming at it. So, as I’m playing with this Play-Doh, I was twisting it. In a spiral-esque way – one side twisting the opposite way from the other. I noticed that it usually breaks in the middle, but can, under certain unknown pressures from myself, break further to one side than the other. However, if you flatten it out as thin as it can go and wrap it up tight (gotta keep those fillings inside!) then it will almost always be harder to twist and will break apart in the centre. Now, I’m not necessarily suggesting that the universe knew what it was doing when it was being created, but if it did, wouldn’t it want to be durable and tough? I know I would be. So if string theorists are right, and there are 11 dimensions and they’re all wrapped up around each other, and we were born in the centre of a black hole, then that means there must be something else out there where the original black hole that birthed us exists. Perhaps whatever that thing is is self-generating and knows what to do to make itself durable. Maybe it’s like the Coordinators from Gundam Seed where they choose the qualities for their children…okay that’s a tangent. Then again, this whole thing is a tangent.

Ok, don’t mind me, I’m on some pretty good cold meds and they make me pretty loopy…anyway I just thought I’d share that random thought with you all.

The other thing I noticed as I was reading over this to make sure it made sense (hahaha), is that not all the 11 dimensions are wrapped up, there space-time, the two dimensions of space, and a dimension of time. Then again if you ask some Rebel Physicists, they’d say there are three dimensions of time and one of space, but that’s just a weird conclusion (because at any point now any conclusion ISN’T weird…pft).

Anyway, I came across all this while listening to an American Museum of Natural History podcast titled, “A Universe from Nothing” with Lawrence Krauss. Which, by the way, if you haven’t read the book (and even if you have) is a great intro to his ideas!

Ok, plug, plug, plug, I’m logging off now. But I highly suggest you all pick up a copy of Krauss’ book, read the Rebel Physicist’s theories, and play with Play-Doh more often!


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