New Adventures!

Yesterday I hosted the first event independent of E&S. It went really well, probably the best turnout I’ve ever had – and it was impromptu! The topic was love, and we had 16 people show up. I actually had to add more seats to the sim. I can’t imagine what the turnout would be like if it was a planned event!

So, the plan I have for the next few weeks is to host one planned event per week. Below is a copy of the schedule, but you can also find updated versions on my calendar.

April Schedule (so far):

  • Poetry on Wednesday 11 April – 9amSLT at Sedona’s Island
  • Philosophy on Wednesday 25 April – 2pmSLT at LnL (Repeats on the fourth Wednesday of every month)

I’ll be away for the 17th and 18th, as it’s my and my partner’s birthdays. Otherwise, I intend to hold impromptu events and will hopefully be booking some other days at other venues. If you have a venue and/or topic suggestion please do let me know!

I’m hoping, once I beat this cold, to do a reading. I’m not yet sure what I’ll read, but if you have any suggestions I’d be grateful.


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