Beginnings Arise!

Hello everyone,

I’m here to regretfully announce that I will no longer be working with Epithet and Synonym. I wish the business, Karl, and all others involved luck in their future endeavours!

I have created a group, as I will continue to host discussions. The group title is called, “Chrae’s Philosophy and Literature”, and it is free enrolment. The plan is to host at a bunch of different venues in a hope to bring new people to new locations. If you have an event or location suggestion, do let me know!




2 thoughts on “Beginnings Arise!

  1. So sorry things didn’t work out… But I wish you all the best in the new beginnings that will come up in your path!

    • Chraeloos says:

      Thanks, I’m sorry it didn’t work out too, but every ending means a new beginning and I’m quite excited about what I’ve got up my sleeve (also thanks to you!).

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