S.Res. 424 – A resolution condemning the mass atrocities committed by the Government of Syria

Hello everyone, long time no talk. I was away for the past few days due to birthday celebrations (hot springs and massage…doesn’t get any better!). But, I’m back, and I’ve taken notice to a new bill going through the US. It’s bill S.Res. 424, which condemns the mass atrocities committed by the government. Link to more information here. First of all, I have to wonder, what would passing this bill actually accomplish? It goes to state all the atrocities committed by Bashar al-Assad, and then states that the US should provide the people of Syria with weapons and other material needs to protect themselves. Ok, I thought they were already getting assistance? “We are going to hold the major players responsible for their actions against the people.” Well, no shit. There’s an idea! Ok, so I’m a little annoyed. In the time it takes for this bill to pass congress it will have put off saving these people. What the world should be doing is going in and arresting Bashar al-Assad. The people can fight for themselves, sure, but it’s been going on for a year already and what progress has been made? What will more weapons do for them, really, when half their population is either injured or dead already? I don’t get it. It’s as though the government is playing a board game. “Oh! Give these guys more weapons and lets see how it plays out.” Come on, if you can’t figure out that al-Assad needs to go, and the most influential military country in the world isn’t going to do anything but hand out weapons to potential bad guys, we have a problem. As the congressmen are sitting there reading over this form there is a war going on, and all they say it “let’s provide more weapons, it’ll be fun to watch.” Oh, come on. They say, in this bill, to ensure that the weapons don’t get into the hands of any Al Qaeda members, or other human rights violators. And how, exactly, are you going to ensure that? Right, you can’t. Once again, the US government has wasted the time of the people and just embarrassed themselves while they play their board game. Maybe it’s time they step up and actually do something useful? Like, I don’t know, actually taking out the human rights violators such as Bashar al-Assad and his followers. I totally support the rights of the Syrian rebels, and I think they should be the ones to take him out, but it’s not worth so many deaths, and if the US is going to support them anyway, why not do something besides sit at a desk and make stupid, empty promises? All your doing by sending them weapons is allowing more of them to go into the field where they will get injured or die. Weapons aren’t going to break down the barrier al-Assad has put up around himself. What will, is having another power go in there and seize him. Not shoot citizens, not demand rights and steal their oil, not engage in open combat, but drop down onto his house and kill the man. No, I don’t think the US should be the ones to do this, but this bill is more of an embarrassment and a waste of time than sitting there doing nothing would be. Kudos congress, you’ve done it again.


Shamanic Healing

I was just at a shamanic healing session at Artemis in SL, and it was my first time. The shaman took us to a beautiful forest beside the ocean with some very interesting creatures. Going in, I had a pretty heavy headache, and the whole time my skull was tingling. By the end of the session I had no headache anymore. Honestly, I suggest if you can make it to one of these session, do so.

True shamanic healing requires ability to enter shamanic consciousness, the ‘dreamtime’ of non-ordinary reality beyond mental imagination to establish rapport with energetic plant intelligence, benefic spiritual forces and people’s soul/spirit. At the deeper levels of pure shamanic consciousness we are essentially swimming in an infinite field of supreme intelligence. This transpersonal state of awareness is an elevated state of empathy and enables the shaman/a to feel and experience much of what a patient is struggling with. Real shamans see living structures as fields of energy and access information very specifically in the shamanic dreamtime realms.

Traditional shamanic healing is an holistic approach to health encompassing body, heart, soul and Spirit. Modern research only recently is discovering what traditional healers have known for millenia, that disease exists not only on the physical plane but also in the emotional energetic fabric of an individual. Often physical symptoms are a collection of negative emotions. Everything is energy. The key to healing is transforming the energy of illness into the energy of health. Same as in physics where potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy.

When a person becomes ill their energy pattern becomes distorted. The breakdown of harmony results in energetic ‘magical illnesses.’ A body in disharmony is prone to disease. A state of disharmony arises when there is conflict between individual and community, between individual and cosmic spirit, or the toxic aggressive energy of the negative, envious or resentful thoughts of others. Shamanic healing facilitates the benefic forces of harmony on behalf of the client, removing blockages to prevent disharmony which can result in mental/emotional or physical disease.


Well, she was definitely able to take us to a ‘dreamtime’ and we all entered a different state of consciousness. I don’t know if she actually cured my headache, but I do know that I got a tingly skull for the whole ritual, and then when it ended the headache was gone. So, funny timing if nothing else. Anyway, if you get a chance to experience this please to, shamans are excellent at imagery and can create whole environments for you to explore, and rejuvenate in.

Repost from CMV: Gonna Go Back In Time: Wisconsin’s Legalized Sexism

Catherynne Valente has posted a fantastic post. There seems to be lots of those going around in the past few days. So, I’ve reblogged it here. The original can be found on her blog.

It’s ok. You guys can tell me.

We all secretly went back in time, right?

That’s the only way I can get my head around Wisconsin’s repeal of their Equal Pay Act on the argument that “Money is more important to men”, piled on top of the birth control “debate” and Georgia passing legislation based on the idea that women are anatomically and ethically identical to pigs and cows. We fell through a time vortex and it’s 1959 and half of the twentieth century didn’t happen.

That is, of course, what Scott Walker and the rest of the charming gentlemen who are signing these grotesque reversions into law without mandate or recourse want. Hey, if we take away their birth control and don’t pay them for work, everything will go back to the way it was when pwecious Scotty was a kid and women will just stay at home and back cookies for everyone. Yay!No one will be gay anymore and America will drink its milk and be big and strong and we won’t have to worry about recycling and breast cancer (ew breasts!) and unwhite people and that rock n’ roll music the kids listen to. We can law it all away.

Yeah. And fuck you, too. And fuck you to everyone who told me to stop swearing about this on Twitter last night. WE SHOULD ALL BE SWEARING. We should all be laying down so much shit that fucking roses grow on Twitter. WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS AT LEAST AS MUCH AS WE CARED ABOUT SOPA. Funny how I don’t see anyone shutting down portions of the Internet in protest, though. I mean, it’s only women. The headline on Reddit about this is: “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that prohibits workers from collecting damages in employment discrimination cases.” No outrage, no commentary, just a link. No mention of Walker’s contention that women don’t work as hard, aren’t “go go go” like men, and shouldn’t be paid as much. Women not even mentioned, despite being the clear and stated target of the legislation. Why get upset? Should be fine!

After all, there’s no war on women. The Republicans promise there isn’t. Just because the massive portion of their efforts are bent toward reducing the rights and freedoms of a single group within the American population doesn’t mean it’s a war. Not like the War on Drugs is a war. After all, drugs are bad and need to be controlled or else society will fall apart. Just like the ladies. This is just Good, Small Government. Why, next week, they’ll be repealing the Equal Pay for Caterpillars Act.

The conservatives are at least partly right: birth control and equal pay (somewhat equal, anyway) were the great victories of first and second wave feminism. They are trying everything in their power to take those things away, in the hopes that it’ll activate a Time Turner that will erase the source of those changes as well as the changes themselves. They say we are pigs, they say we don’t need any silly pin money, they say these things and they should be embarrassed, they should be ashamed at what just came out of their mouths, but no one is shaming them. The news treats it like a simple partisan debate. Point for blue, point for red. But no matter what young folks might say, these men know we’re not in a post-sexist or post-racist culture, that they can rely on old, ugly misogyny and the reluctance to stand up for women’s rights that has tinted gender relations in this country for pretty much ever to lube their legislation up nice and slick. When women are outraged, you don’t have to listen, after all. Bitches be crazy.

I know Walker will almost certainly be recalled in November. Doesn’t really matter–he’s fiat’d this into law and there’s an inertia there. I’ve heard rumors that Walker is a top candidate for the GOP VP slot, so don’t get smug in the knowledge that he’s going away. I shouldn’t be surprised, you shouldn’t be surprised–but we should all be terrified. And angry.

I’ve seen a lot of people saying things like “only in the US” and “America is crazy” and “thank god I don’t live there” flitting around, both here and on my gendered online discourse post. (And I want to thank the BSFA for proving my point, that the sexist jackasses, they live everywhere.) And I want to say: knock it off. First of all, no matter how much we like to take credit for things, Americans did not invent sexism. I promise, it could not “only happen in the US.” Many countries, if not all of them, have huge gender problems and many of those are boiling over with regressive assholes in power. And since the UK, Canada, and Australia are all having trouble with conservatives in their government pissing in the punchbowl, I wouldn’t get too excited about your immunity to this kind of crap.

But more importantly–stop thinking you’re special and it can never happen in your country. That is how America got like this in the first place. By thinking we were special, specially liberated and enlightened and awesome and only those other lamer countries had problems. That arrogance allows us to continue to let everything circle the drain, because we’re the best and OBVIOUSLY we’re not really sexist and stuff, it’ll get fixed, don’t worry. Our system can’t have been redesigned to let a few people destroy our economy–we have the best economy! USA! Everything’s fine! GROWTH 4EVAH.

I hate that shit. I know you hate that shit. So stop telling me Americans are so weird and where you live this could never happen. It could. If you’re not vigilant, like we haven’t been, it will.

Doesn’t mean I know what vigilance looks like. I’ve been told not to call myself a feminist my whole life, well before the current skirmishes. I’ve seen vast swathes of young women grow up couching every sentence defending their right to exist in “I’m not a feminist, but…” Because feminists are bad and they hate men and they’re ugly. But I’ve also been told: well, obviously you’re not serious about marriage if you don’t take your husband’s name, if you must be pro-choice make sure you insist that you could never make that choice for yourself, don’t make the first move or boys will think you’re a slut (also you will be a slut), you can have a full time job but don’t think that means you get to slack off on cooking, cleaning, and childrearing, you lazy baby-hungry girl. Men work so hard. They shouldn’t have to worry about the home. After all, you’re just naturally better at cleaning–men just don’t see clutter like you do!

But everything’s fine in America now and all feminism should worry about are the poor ladies living in the Middle East so why are you complaining that you only get 80 cents to the male dollar? YOU GOT 80 CENTS, BITCH, AREN’T YOU HAPPY?

So yeah. I feel fucking miserable and helpless. The fact is that our system is only loosely democratic at this point. We vote nationally on a President and that’s it. We as citizens have no recourse when executive branches decide to get all War on Caterpillars on our asses, and it’s been made abundantly clear that not one fuck is given about organized protest at that level of government.

This is why Wikipedia shut down to protest SOPA. Because that’s all we have, really. Disrupt commerce and consumer culture. But I just can’t see that kind of concentrated action happening in defense of women, no matter how much what happens to us happens to the whole culture. Go ahead: take our birth control and our jobs and call us pigs, tell us to obey the Catholic Church’s most panicked and regressive ideas whether or not we are Catholic. Take our humanity and wipe Congress’s asses with it.

But don’t you dare take away smoothly torrenting Mad Men episodes. How else will we get new ideas for how the country should look?

An interesting idea…I couldn’t have said it better my self. It’s sad that we do this, and I really have to wonder what type of force it would take to change things. Hopefully not WWIII

Another angry woman

“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.”

A little over a year ago, there was a feeling of momentum within what can loosely be termed as “the protest movement”. It was global, it seemed. The winds were blowing in our favour, and perhaps the underdog would finally have its day.

As we marched through London, we expressed this sentiment with a chant:

London, Cairo, Wisconsin! We will fight them, we will win!

At the time, we looked gladly towards our friends in far-flung countries. We allowed hope to rise in our hearts over the seeming revolution in Egypt, having watched the people struggle to overthrow a tyrannical government and succeed. We felt joy as we watched protesters occupy the Wisconsin State Capitol, thousands of people in a mass mobilisation against right-wing economic policy.

We felt solidarity. If we channelled Cairo and Wisconsin…

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Hi Everyone, and welcome to Tricipian’s!

I’m going to try to make this as short as possible, so we can start discussing. The topic today is H.R. 3523 or commonly known as CISPA, a new bill that the US Congress is trying to pass. The following link is to the GovTrack website where you can read the full text of the bill, among a lot of other interesting information. I have a notecard with the summary if you want it, but it’s pretty long so I won’t paste it here:


It is feared that CISPA is far worse than SOPA and PIPA in its possible effects on the Internet. Critics say that CISPA would give any federal entity that claims it is threatened by online interactions the ability to take action against the “perpetrator”. Without notifying the parties concerned. While this paper has been created under the guise of being a necessary weapon in the U.S. war against cyberattacks, the wording of the paper is vague and broad. It is thought that the act could allow Congress to circumvent existing exemptions to online privacy laws and would allow the monitoring and censorship of any user and also stop online communications which they deem disruptive to the government or to private parties.

The Avaaz team, who have started a petition against the bill, say: “Under the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), if a cyber threat is even suspected, companies we use to access the Internet will have the right to collect information on our activities, share that with the government, refuse to notify us that we are being watched and then use a blanket immunity clause to protect themselves from being sued for violation of privacy or any other illegal action.”

If you are interested, the petition can be signed here (you don’t have to live in the USA): http://www.avaaz.org/en/stop_cispa/?tta

It could threaten the types of information we can access online, as well as our privacy and freedom of speech.

CISPA places absolutely no explicit limits on the type of information that may be shared with the government, or between private companies, as long as it is somehow related to cyber threats.

However, as Andrew Couts at Digital Trends says, “For most people, sharing information about ourselves is just the way things work nowadays. We post every aspect of our lives online, from what we’re eating to our location to all the gritty details of last night. These companies already know all our secrets. In other words: privacy just ain’t what it used to be.”

Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Intel, AT&T, Verizon — and many others, have sent letters to congress voicing support for CISPA.

Here’s some links to articles about the bill:

What do you think about it?

Play-Doh and String Theory

Ok, as I was just playing with Play-doh (yes, I’m a big girl) I came across a realization. In string theory they suggest that the dimensions may be rolled up in a spiral – ie. imagine a Taquito, or a poster. They exist so tightly wrapped that we can’t even see them, or measure them, or anything. All eleven of the suckers. Well, if you think about it, if the universe was built spontaneously, it wouldn’t know what to do with itself, so it’s a possibility, just as any other theory, that this is how its laid out. It wasn’t being very considerate of the possible being that may one day inhabit it but it didn’t really know what was coming at it. So, as I’m playing with this Play-Doh, I was twisting it. In a spiral-esque way – one side twisting the opposite way from the other. I noticed that it usually breaks in the middle, but can, under certain unknown pressures from myself, break further to one side than the other. However, if you flatten it out as thin as it can go and wrap it up tight (gotta keep those fillings inside!) then it will almost always be harder to twist and will break apart in the centre. Now, I’m not necessarily suggesting that the universe knew what it was doing when it was being created, but if it did, wouldn’t it want to be durable and tough? I know I would be. So if string theorists are right, and there are 11 dimensions and they’re all wrapped up around each other, and we were born in the centre of a black hole, then that means there must be something else out there where the original black hole that birthed us exists. Perhaps whatever that thing is is self-generating and knows what to do to make itself durable. Maybe it’s like the Coordinators from Gundam Seed where they choose the qualities for their children…okay that’s a tangent. Then again, this whole thing is a tangent.

Ok, don’t mind me, I’m on some pretty good cold meds and they make me pretty loopy…anyway I just thought I’d share that random thought with you all.

The other thing I noticed as I was reading over this to make sure it made sense (hahaha), is that not all the 11 dimensions are wrapped up, there space-time, the two dimensions of space, and a dimension of time. Then again if you ask some Rebel Physicists, they’d say there are three dimensions of time and one of space, but that’s just a weird conclusion (because at any point now any conclusion ISN’T weird…pft).

Anyway, I came across all this while listening to an American Museum of Natural History podcast titled, “A Universe from Nothing” with Lawrence Krauss. Which, by the way, if you haven’t read the book (and even if you have) is a great intro to his ideas!

Ok, plug, plug, plug, I’m logging off now. But I highly suggest you all pick up a copy of Krauss’ book, read the Rebel Physicist’s theories, and play with Play-Doh more often!

Canada’s Bill C-30 is Back!

Canada’s warrantless spying bill is coming back, and it’s worse than before

By  at 1:02 pm Wednesday, Apr 4

Michael Geist writes in with news of Canada’s bill C-30, the insane, overreaching warrantless spying bill that collapsed earlier this year on a wave of public disapprobation. As you might have suspected, it’s back. Michael sez, “The Canadian government has placed Bill C-30, the lawful access/online surveillance bill on hold, but there is no reason to believe it is going away. In fact, a recent report Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights suggests that the changes coming to the bill may not address public concern but rather expand lawful access requirements even further. The committee report on the State of Organized Crime that includes recommendations that reinforce Bill C-30’s mandatory warrantless disclosure of subscriber information and envision going beyond the bill by requiring both telecom companies and device manufacturers to assist in the decryption of encrypted communications as well as exploring mandatory verification of the identity of cellphone users. Moreover, Canadians shouldn’t be looking to the telcos for help. A Bell spokesperson stated ‘our primary concern in this area has always been the capacity of industry to implement any new requirements and who bears the cost.’ That is a troubling position for many Canadians who rightly expect their telecom companies to also be concerned with the privacy of their customers.”

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