Philosophy and Literature @ E&S

Today’s discussion about whether Hume was influenced by Buddhism started out really slow, but we had about 10 people show up randomly throughout. It was decided as a majority that since Hume was introduced to Buddhism while writing his “Treatise”, the Buddhist philosophy would have solidified his ideas rather than change them.

Next week, I’m trying something a bit new. The discussion topic will be based on an article, that you can find in my Google docs (since I seem to have lost the original link, although had downloaded the PDF). It is viewable only if you go to it through a link that is provided below. Please, read the article before you come to the discussion, as I will not have detailed intro notes. Of course, if you don’t manage to read it, do feel free to come to the discussion anyway and comment, although you may have many questions.

The article is called, “The Myth of the Beginning of Time” by Gabriele Veneziano, and you can find it at this link:

Let me know what you think of the idea of using Google docs to share PDFs. I haven’t tried it before, so if you have any troubles feel free to let me know! Also, feel free to share the link with your friends, just make sure you copy/paste from the link above, and not the browser address.

Hope to see you all there!


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