I’ve seen this issue come up before, and I think I’ve probably dealt it before without realizing it (which, in essence, isn’t gas lighting, per say, since it was not intentional). The difference is that I was strongly questioning my own beliefs at the time, and that combined with my always playing the devil’s advocate turned nasty, I think. Anyway, gaslighting is a powerful tool, and can be a very harmful one. I do think it is important for everyone to question their beliefs at least once in their life, but it’s not going to be affective if it’s forced on them. Anyway, this is an interesting article by @stavvers. I suggest taking the time to read it!

Another angry woman

Trigger warning: this post discusses “gaslighting”, a form of emotional abuse

Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse wherein the perpetrator causes the victim to doubt their perception of reality. It is a powerful tool for tormenting an individual, and may facilitate other abuse by causing even the victim to doubt whether the abuse has occurred. Its name comes from the play and 1944 film Gaslight, wherein the villain disorientates his wife in order to cover his plot. It is a brilliant film, with Ingrid Bergman powerfully portraying a woman who believes herself to be losing her mind as she sees the gaslights in the house dim and reignite and possessions vanishing as her husband convinces her that none of this is happening. I would strongly recommend watching, as it demonstrates the phenomenon so well, that it is little wonder it became its namesake.

After watching Gaslight, a…

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