Campfire Stories in Group Chat

Last night was an excellent night. In The Pixel Bean group chat a bunch of us started making a story. I saved the transcript, and changed everyone’s names to initials, besides my own. Enjoy!

[20:51] MV: <–breaks out the marshmallows
[20:51] Chraeloos: Yum, marshmallows!
[20:51] MV: 😀
[20:51] DADA makes funny faces trying to eat melted marshmallows.
[20:51] JJ: Yummmmie
[20:51] Chraeloos: lol!
[20:52] VL: I tastes like burning!
[20:52] Chraeloos: Yuck.
[20:52] Chraeloos: lol
[20:52] ChraeloosChraeloos sticks out her tongue.
[20:52] JJ: grossness. LOL
[20:53] VL: don’t knock it until you try it.
[20:54] Chraeloos: Bleh, have.
[20:55] JJ: LOL!!! Its going to make my throat close up
[20:55] JG: Just knock it anyway. Twice even.
[20:56] ON: 😮
[20:57] VL: are you allergic to marshmallows?
[20:59] MV: o.O
[20:59] MV: More for the rest of us!
[21:00] VL: om nom nom
[21:00] ONON steals the marshmallows and flings them
[21:01] MV: O.O
[21:01] DADA plays fetch with them.
[21:01] ON: Marshmallow war :U
[21:01] MV: sticky!
[21:01] ON: lol’
[21:01] VLVL hangs you by your toes from the rafters for wasting marshmallows
[21:03] ONON hangs like a bat for being a bat. ;D
[21:03] DADA finishes reading the interview. “Dayum, Keira.”
[21:03] MV: <–stuffs a banana w marshmallow n chocolate bits, n roasts it
[21:04] ON: how does that work?
[21:04] VL: mmmm
[21:04] VL: it works deliciously
[21:04] ON: lol’
[21:04] MV: The things you learn in squirrel scouts
[21:04] VLVL grins with his cheeks full
[21:04] VL: You know, I almost said “grins with his cheeks full of nuts” but I know better than that.
[21:04] MV: lol
[21:05] ON: That sounded dirty… >3>
[21:06] VL: precisely.
[21:06] MV: Okies, Oran, take a banana w the peel on, n slice it lengthwise. Squish it open, fill w marshmallows n chocolate, wrap in foil n roast in the coals. Careful getting it out again.
[21:07] VL: Yeah, you might get accosted by squirrels.
[21:19] MV: Well. . .yeah, if they’re going for their first aid badges.
[21:20] VL: hah!
[21:21] MV: AAAAHHH!!! Burn victim! Who’s got the aloe?
[21:22] MV: They’ll slather their patient w honey n wrap him with bandages soaked in colloidal silver.
[21:22] VL: Sounds delightful
[21:23] MV: Squirrel scouts are very much into natural remedies.
[21:24] VL: oh yes, I can only imagine.
[21:24] VL: Organics and all that
[21:25] MV: None of that gen-muta stuff for them!
[21:25] VL: that stuff is nuts!
[21:26] MV: Absotively.
[21:27] MV: Sucks to be a corporations guinea pigs, don’t it?
[21:27] MV: okies, shoulda been an apostraphe in there
[21:27] VL: I know, the guinea pigs have it worst. 😦
[21:27] MV: oops
[21:28] VL: Hah, I shall forgive thy minor grammatical transgression. THIS time.
[21:28] MV: Do not suspect there is an editor in the chat. . .
[21:29] VL: ‘fraid not.
[21:29] MV: ’tis so!
[21:29] VL: Forsooth!
[21:31] MG: abhast!
[21:32] MV: o.O
[21:33] VLVL gently works your eyes back to being even.
[21:35] MV: whew!
[21:36] VLVL grins
[21:38] MV: time for saline drops
[21:39] VLVL mixes up a fresh batch
[21:39] MV: oooOOooo
[21:39] VLVL shares one with you
[21:39] VL: Mmm, fresh saline drops.
[21:39] VL: So refreshing and delicious.
[21:40] MV: . . .er. . .delicious?
[21:40] VL: Oh yes.
[21:41] MV: <–steps back oh, sooo casually, racking brains to remember which supernatural bogey is a salt sucker
[21:42] VLVL rocks back on his hooves with a smile
[21:42] MV: eeps!
[21:45] VLVL beams
[21:46] MV: The flesh! It burns!
[21:46] MV: . . .
[21:46] MV: <–breaks out more marshmallows
[21:47] VLVL brings graham crackers and dark chocolate
[21:48] MV: ‘Smores!
[21:49] Chraeloos: Campfire stories, anyone?
[21:50] MV: oooOOooo!! Stories!
[21:50] VL: Oh boy ohboyohboyohboy! I love stories!
[21:50] MV: <–sits by the fire w ‘smores n blankie
[21:50] VLVL puts on a Snuggie
[21:51] Chraeloos: Let’s all do the story, I’ll say a line and someone can continue it!
[21:51] Chraeloos: Once, there was a boy…
[21:51] MV: <–breaks out the popcorn
[21:51] VL: From nantucket
[21:51] MV: >snerk!<
[21:51] Chraeloos: This boy liked to…
[21:52] VL: Go to the market
[21:52] MV: with his cat
[21:52] Chraeloos: because he liked to read comics! One day, on the way to the market he found…
[21:53] MV: triffids!
[21:53] Chraeloos: (whats that?)
[21:53] Chraeloos: lol
[21:53] MV: o.O
[21:53] DO: lol
[21:53] MV: oh, no, not again!
[21:53] VL: and he promptly went to the doctor to get a cream for it.
[21:53] VL: ..uh because it bit him.
[21:54] MV: <–swipes the saline from Valen
[21:54] Chraeloos: lol
[21:54] VLVL gives you an eye massage
[21:54] Chraeloos: But the doctor wasn’t any doctor…he was a mad doctor!
[21:54] VL: He was mad because the last guy who had just come to see him sued him for malpractice.
[21:54] MV: with a giant, fluffy, red monster
[21:55] MV: named Gossamer
[21:55] VL: The giant, fluffy red monster named Gossamer was the only lawyer he could afford.
[21:55] MV: He’s such an INtersting monster!
[21:56] Chraeloos: This monster wasn’t in it for helping people, though, he was in it for eating children!
[21:56] MV: eeps!
[21:57] MV: But. . .but they’re not ripe yet!
[21:57] ChraeloosChraeloos scratches her head.
[21:57] MV: 😀
[21:57] Chraeloos: He likes them raw, anyway. And a little squishy
[21:57] Chraeloos: lol
[21:57] VL: That’s why the mad scientist had been building a giant incubator!
[21:59] Chraeloos: The boy saw the incubator, but didn’t know it was for him. Since he liked comics so much, he thought it was pretty cool! He should have been afraid of the doctor, but he wasn’t…
[22:00] MV: This is why every boy’s best friend should be a girl — so he knows when to run screaming.
[22:00] Chraeloos: Lol!
[22:01] MV: It’s an intuition thing.
[22:01] Chraeloos: So, the doctor was able to capture the boy and stick him in the machine!
[22:02] VL: This’s boy’s luck had been on the fritz though, because even though he’d been friendzoned by soooo many girls he fancied, not a single one of them was there for him in his moment of need….
[22:02] Chraeloos: (moral of the story, there, Melisande)
[22:02] MV: >snerk!<
[22:03] Chraeloos: (this is going to turn into a feminist piece, for sure)
[22:03] MG: need me some triffid cream. I got this sore from Lyrical…
[22:03] MV: whoopsie
[22:03] VL: Lyrical is a well known species of Triffid.
[22:04] Chraeloos: The doctor and the monster smiled at each other conspiratorially, while the boy was so happy he got to see something straight out of his comics that he STILL didn’t get the danger…
[22:05] MV: Oh, dear
[22:07] MV: . . .er. . .is this boy named Jimmy? n is he gonna have a brain blast anytime soon?
[22:07] Chraeloos: That’s when his cat morphed into a young girl, to help save him!
[22:07] Chraeloos: (nuuu, jonny, and he has a mind bender *sticks out tongue* lol)
[22:08] MV: Cat to the rescue!!
[22:08] MG: she was completing her change into a girl, into the office walked nurse ratchet, carrying a large syringe with a very long needle….
[22:08] VL: Suddenly, Entomolgy-Man bursts into the room, and corrected the doctor’s use of the word fascimile, and everyone looked at him awkwardly, as he shrugged and left without being helpful at all.
[22:09] Chraeloos: The poor boy, has all these possible helpers but no one cares enough. Suddenly, he sees the nurse and gets scared! The cat, in the meantime, has been sneaking around on her no longer padded feet, trying to find the best angle to pounce on the doctor from.
[22:10] VL: The Doctor, being a Mad Doctor, afterall, was prepared, and pulled his emergency catnip dispenser out.
[22:10] MV: Wait. Didn’t the doctor n monster forget their evil monologues? How else is Cat Girl s’posed to sneak up on ’em?
[22:11] VL: Is it a monologue if there’s two of them?
[22:11] MG: Nurse ratchet was beautiful, but she was evil. It could be said that she was capable of slithering across the room in high heels. She was evil.
[22:11] Chraeloos: I think so, Valen?
[22:11] VLVL snerks
[22:11] Chraeloos: Ooh, snake nurse ftw lol
[22:12] MV: <–cues “I Dream of Jeannie” theme
[22:12] Chraeloos: The cat was equally distracted by the catnip as by the snake-like nurse that had entered the room. She forgot all about the boy.
[22:12] Chraeloos: Ahhh Valen, lol
[22:14] MV: <–goes hunting for a real girl to rescue the boy
[22:14] VLVL thinks there’s already one present
[22:15] MV: o.O
[22:15] MV: Where?!
[22:15] VLVL points
[22:15] VL: THERE
[22:15] Chraeloos: Melis! Your poor eyes!
[22:15] MV: <–squints
[22:16] MV: I don’ see no girl-to-the-rescue
[22:16] Chraeloos: The boy realizes that he’s in trouble, as the doc, monster, and nurse all circle him and close the incubator door.
[22:16] VL: Well that’s ’cause y’got yer eyes all borked up, lass!
[22:17] MV: <–peers suspiciously at saline drops
[22:17] VL: Arrr you’ve discovered my evil plot! They are, in fact, antisaline drops!
[22:19] MV: Chraeloos, how much ya wanna bet Gossamer is Valen in disguise?
[22:20] Chraeloos: Oh no!
[22:20] VL: How do you know that Valen isn’t Gossamer in disguise!?
[22:20] Chraeloos: You may very well be
[22:20] Chraeloos: Ooh conspiracy!
[22:21] VL: Oooh that would mean that I’m a ginger!
[22:21] Chraeloos: yum
[22:21] Chraeloos: lol
[22:21] MV: Sugared ginger?
[22:21] VL: Ginger ale.
[22:21] Chraeloos: What is a sugared ginger?
[22:21] Chraeloos: Ginger ale is only good when it’s gone flat
[22:21] Chraeloos: lol
[22:22] VL: a ginger who has become too hyper from excessive sweets.
[22:22] Chraeloos: LOL, that’s a scary thought
[22:23] MV: I get that every Sunday morning.
[22:23] VL: a ginger on a sugar high?
[22:23] Chraeloos: why only sunday?
[22:23] MV: <–Sunday school teacher
[22:23] VL: Ah!
[22:24] Chraeloos: Oh cool 🙂
[22:24] MV: Can always tell when that ginger girl is hyped on sugar. Oo! Oo! She can rescue the boy!
[22:24] VL: I ❤ ginger girls.
[22:25] GR: I am ginger too 😮
[22:25] VL: yay!
[22:25] Chraeloos: Oh Great idea Melis!
[22:25] Chraeloos: Ginger’s are great people, lol
[22:26] MV: It’s the freckles.
[22:26] Chraeloos: Ok ok, so the boy has an image of a girl he went to school with, who had long, curly red hair and freckles all over her pale skin. He wished she could be there to help him out of this suddenly odd situation.
[22:26] GR: I have not a single freckle
[22:27] MV: o.O
[22:27] Chraeloos: Then you aren’t ginger!
[22:27] Chraeloos: LIAR
[22:27] Chraeloos: 😛
[22:27] MV: I gots freckles
[22:28] Chraeloos: I have lots of freckles! But I don’t have red hair. lol
[22:28] VL: you haven’t stolen enough souls yet then.
[22:28] Chraeloos: bahaha
[22:30] MV: <–adds wood to the fire . . . it’s getting scary!
[22:30] Chraeloos: someone needs to be the girl!
[22:31] VL: hah
[22:31] VL: I ain’t even gonna go there….
[22:31] MV: Oo! Me! Me! I’ma girl!!
[22:32] VL: Me Gusta.
[22:32] MV: <–gears up w katana n shuriken
[22:32] VL: 😮
[22:33] Chraeloos: Valen, lol
[22:33] Chraeloos: Melis go ahead!
[22:33] VL: If you got that reference you might be my new best friend.
[22:34] Chraeloos: wild lemons?
[22:35] VL: o.o
[22:35] Chraeloos: lol!
[22:36] MV: Why are you so pleased?
[22:36] VL: I just am. 🙂
[22:36] VL: I am a simple person who is amused by simple things. 🙂
[22:36] Chraeloos: Cuz why not?
[22:38] MV: <–armors up
[22:39] VL: You can’t take the sky from me….
[22:40] MV: Keep the sky. The sun, moon n stars are mine. 😛
[22:40] Chraeloos: Can I share, Melis?
[22:41] MV: Sure, got all sorts of stars. Some comets in the mix, too.
[22:41] Chraeloos: Sweet!
[22:41] Chraeloos: Ooh, I call the dark matter!
[22:41] Chraeloos: lol
[22:44] MV: <–trips Nurse Ratchet n pins her to the floor w shurikens
[22:44] Chraeloos: Nurse Ratchet?
[22:45] MV: Yes!
[22:46] Chraeloos: …the boy is saved since the ginger girl showed up miraculously to save him (stalker, maybe?). They escape the mad doctor, although the monster and the doctor remain active, hunting little children for breakfast.
[22:46] Chraeloos: lol ok!
[22:46] MV: <–shoves a chair under Gossamer n stuffs his hand in a bowl to soak his nails.
[22:46] VL: Yay!
[22:47] Chraeloos: And you teach sunday school?
[22:47] Chraeloos: XD
[22:47] MV: Now don’t you move, you Interesting monster, you, must make yourself beautiful!
[22:48] VLVL hands you some curlers and a manicure kit
[22:48] MV: <–hooks up wires to the curlers
[22:49] Chraeloos: drops them in water
[22:49] Chraeloos: oops!
[22:49] MV: ~*K-ZOT!*~
[22:50] Chraeloos: hahaha awesome emote
[22:50] MV: 😀
[22:51] MV: Two down, one to go!
[22:51] MV: . . .
[22:51] MV: wait
[22:51] MV: was that out loud?
[22:51] VL: (Suddenly I wonder who the “mad” one really is.)
[22:52] Chraeloos: All of us? Really.
[22:52] MV: <–stalks the mad doctor w katana drawn
[22:53] GRGR throws a sticky glue bomb at Melisandre
[22:54] MV: <–glass, glue don’t stick 😛


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