Corona Anatine Lecture March 4 2012 Rock Art

The lecture today went wonderfully, with a total of about 15 guests. Transcript is below!

[12:07] Chraeloos: Ok, lets get started
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[12:09] Corona Anatine: right in the last few weeks we have looked at some aspects of rock art from antiquity
[12:09] Corona Anatine: and the problems of interpretation
[12:10] Corona Anatine: and in some weeks we have looked at the possibility of an advanced civilization in the remote past
[12:10] Corona Anatine: some evidence i think may come from rock art
[12:10] Corona Anatine: but because it is rock art
[12:11] Corona Anatine: i first want to show the images i will use
[12:11] Corona Anatine: then you send me what you think they are for 5 mins
[12:11] Corona Anatine: and then i will give my interpretation and reasoning
[12:11] Chraeloos: in IM or local?
[12:12] Corona Anatine: however you feel is best
[12:12] Chraeloos: ok
[12:12] Corona Anatine: i will review them in a bit – the main thing is to get your ideas before i present mine
[12:12] darcon Xue: those humanoids they bright
[12:13] Corona Anatine: this first one is from south america
[12:13] MusE Starsmith: seems like a lot of people, not just the obvious images
[12:13] Corona Anatine: it is on a vast scale as the line from top to base is a road
[12:14] Corona Anatine: next is this one
[12:14] Corona Anatine: from the central Sahara
[12:15] Corona Anatine: this one -also from sahara
[12:15] Corona Anatine: this one is famous from daniken
[12:15] Corona Anatine: this however is the original with all other contexts in place
[12:15] Corona Anatine: he just used the main image
[12:15] Corona Anatine: finally
[12:16] Beragon Betts: i think the gray stone on the right depicts jeebus
[12:16] Beragon Betts: °͜°
[12:16] Corona Anatine: is possible
[12:16] MusE Starsmith: the original really shows perspective
[12:16] Corona Anatine: this fourth one is of the Wandjina form NW australia
[12:17] Corona Anatine: there are also similar images from various places around the globe
[12:17] Corona Anatine: but these are representative
[12:17] darcon Xue: giants
[12:17] Chraeloos: It all looks like, well aliens lol
[12:18] darcon Xue: astronauts really
[12:18] Chraeloos: Yes darcon
[12:18] Corona Anatine: that is one explanation that has been stated yes
[12:18] darcon Xue: the artist not show their faces
[12:18] Corona Anatine: however i disagree with that idea
[12:18] darcon Xue: he scared about it
[12:18] Chraeloos: Yeah, the top left looks like shadows.
[12:19] Corona Anatine: as for one thing we don’t know for sure aliens exist
[12:19] darcon Xue: he can not depict the face, he looks at their back
[12:19] Corona Anatine: and second if they do we don’t know what they look like
[12:19] Chraeloos: Yes, true
[12:19] Corona Anatine: the things they have in common are clear
[12:20] darcon Xue: helmet or corona 🙂
[12:20] Corona Anatine: all show very similar facial features [ the one top left being different- but i will do that one separately
[12:20] Beragon Betts: all the main figures appear to wear helmets
[12:21] Corona Anatine: the grey one is a bit indistinct
[12:21] Corona Anatine: mainly there to show there widespread distribution
[12:21] Corona Anatine: but al these belong to a class
[12:22] Corona Anatine: now this is an excavated skull [ clearly so ]
[12:22] Kara Trapdoor: great teeth
[12:22] Beragon Betts: he clearly flossed regularly
[12:22] Bryce Galbraith: 🙂
[12:22] Corona Anatine: lol yeah – or the organic plaque has decayed
[12:22] Amandeep Timeless: and no processed sugar
[12:23] Corona Anatine: anyway the main thing is to show the similarity with the head of the wohjina behind me
[12:23] Bryce Galbraith looks at the bowl of cereal he is munching …
[12:23] Corona Anatine: as the head of the rock art strongly resembles a flattened skull
[12:24] Corona Anatine: [ you might stop eating as this is going to get medical
[12:24] MusE Starsmith: uh oh…
[12:24] Corona Anatine: the wohjina image
[12:25] Corona Anatine: the area of the NW Australia where this is found shows many stylistic links with north africa
[12:25] Corona Anatine: it is unclear why
[12:25] Corona Anatine: it could be coincidence or it could be common origin or it could be a cultural relocation
[12:26] Corona Anatine: but there do appear to be cultural links
[12:26] Corona Anatine: what that means is uncertain n
[12:26] Corona Anatine: hen i started this idea of a nuclear war in prehistory
[12:26] Corona Anatine: i did not want to bother with rock art
[12:27] Corona Anatine: as the risks of misinterpretation are so many
[12:27] darcon Xue: do you know a place in india with nuclear radiation?
[12:27] Corona Anatine: however the Wohjina image is exactly what you would expect
[12:28] Corona Anatine: is the artist was depicting the effects of a high temperature shock wave on the human body
[12:29] Corona Anatine: There are a number of key indicators suggesting the Wohjina image is of a flattened body hit by a plasma temperature blast wave, either from a nuclear detonation or a meteor strike.
[12:29] Corona Anatine: Although to have been a meteor, it would have to have been of a size large enough to mimic a nuclear warhead detonation, a shower of these would be unusual.
[12:29] Corona Anatine: The overall impression is of a flattening of the body, as if a giant had stepped on it, something that would have required the impact of an enormous pressure wave to squeeze flat the internal tissues and organs.
[12:29] Corona Anatine: Aside from the general flattening there are several interesting specific details, very worthy of note.
[12:30] Corona Anatine: Overpressure resulting from the shock wave in many cases causes the rib cage to act like a pair of bellows, displacing the internal organs, forcing them violently downwards; to spill out through the ruptured skin in the abdomen and pelvic region.
[12:31] Corona Anatine: which another image from SW australia resembles
[12:31] Corona Anatine: [one sec
[12:32] Nakey Girl (auguste.wolfhunter) is happy about an ancient civilization, as long as we don’t find evidence that it was wiped out at the same time it’s colonies on Venus had a poisonous atmosphere imposed, our colonies on Mars had their atmosphere removed, our colonies on the 5th planet annihilated and turned into debris, and we did a control panel for all of this on Titan
[12:32] Corona Anatine: here the effect is clear
[12:33] Corona Anatine: it could be an image of childbirth
[12:33] Corona Anatine: however it does not have quite the right leg angles
[12:33] Corona Anatine: note also the broken in skulls
[12:34] Corona Anatine: going back to the wohjina
[12:34] Corona Anatine: The ballooning of the lungs from the inhaled superheated air assisting in this rapid evisceration.
[12:35] Corona Anatine: this is known to occur from reading the literature on nuclear weapons effect
[12:35] Corona Anatine: [ not something to read while eating cereal perhaps]
[12:35] Corona Anatine: When superheated air from a firestorm fills the lungs, the organs expand explosively out of the pleural cavity, between and under the rib cage causing the aperture, and in the process the entire lining of the throat and mouth are heavily carbonized. The heart also may have erupted out through the sternum gap, as the blood explosively boiled.
[12:35] Corona Anatine: this makes the chest cavity damage very significant
[12:36] Corona Anatine: and the mark is seen in many of these images
[12:36] Corona Anatine: The head region of the image when enlarged displays characteristic signs of extremely high temperature firestorm flash burns, and high-pressure shock waves.
[12:36] Corona Anatine: The forehead is ashen strongly suggestive of extremely high temperatures in oxidizing conditions.
[12:37] Corona Anatine: The skull has been crushed outwards and the facial bones forced into the back of the skull. This has resulted in displacement of the contents of the cranial cavity into the surrounding area.
[12:37] Corona Anatine: now note the thin lines from eyes to mouth
[12:38] Corona Anatine: The eyes are burnt out blackened pits ringed by red burns; from which the eyeballs have exploded outwards in the intense heat and remain as shrivelled optic nerves. The remains falling into the mouth cavity.
[12:38] Corona Anatine: again this is known from the 1945 nuclear detonations
[12:38] Corona Anatine: The nose has melted away from the face leaving a red scar of the correct size and shape.
[12:39] Corona Anatine: the musculature around the shoulders
[12:39] Corona Anatine: This cellular mottling pattern is characteristic of underlying muscle structure under intense heat, indicating the outer epidermis has been burnt away.
[12:39] Corona Anatine: The mouth also has the characteristic signs of flash burn similar to the empty eye sockets.
[12:39] Corona Anatine: this also happens with fire damage to the mouth
[12:40] Corona Anatine: The thickness of the skull is extremely well drawn, showing the characteristic edge
[12:40] Corona Anatine: Note identical form of missing nose tissue, again showing accurate depiction by the prehistoric Koori artist.
[12:41] Corona Anatine: The difference in degree of skull flattening is clear.
The ‘halo’ effect of the overpressure skull-flattening gives the type characteristic for recognition in other examples of rock art.
[12:41] Corona Anatine: it may be that the artist just drew this by pure accident
[12:41] Corona Anatine: but if so then it is a remarkable coincidence
[12:42] Corona Anatine: turning to the next image
[12:42] Corona Anatine: the ‘nomad ghost’
[12:43] Corona Anatine: this is said to be a god or shaman or some other image
[12:43] Corona Anatine: some other image
[12:43] Corona Anatine: however it is curious in its shape
[12:44] Corona Anatine: note the nomad ghost
[12:45] Corona Anatine: it has an aerodynamic shape
[12:45] Corona Anatine: it has a rear fin
[12:45] Corona Anatine: it is arrowhead shape
[12:45] Corona Anatine: and the vertical stripe in its chest looks like a tail fin from the front
[12:46] Corona Anatine: a curious image from 12,000 or so years ago
[12:46] Corona Anatine: now we know that in the bible there is mention of two cities being destroyed
[12:46] Corona Anatine: however they have been sought for near the dead sea
[12:46] Corona Anatine: and no trace has been found
[12:46] Corona Anatine: so they have been dismissed as myth
[12:47] Corona Anatine: however the text does not say ‘ by the dead sea’
[12:47] Corona Anatine: it states
[12:47] Corona Anatine: ‘ which is now the salt sea
[12:47] Corona Anatine: which might mean dead sea
[12:47] Corona Anatine: however it might also be a reference to the seas being under the ocean
[12:48] Corona Anatine: where there used to be dry land
[12:48] Corona Anatine: i infer that to mean
[12:48] Corona Anatine: they were cities drowned after the ice caps melted at the end of the pleistocene glaciation
[12:48] Corona Anatine: where is anyones guess- assuming they are real
[12:49] Corona Anatine: there are also texts from the veda which hint as ‘super weapons’
[12:49] Corona Anatine: however they cant be totally trusted as they contain many exaggerations of events
[12:49] Corona Anatine: the bible however is perhaps clear
[12:50] darcon Xue: tip: Google “ancient nuclear detonation”
[12:50] Corona Anatine: i mentioned how i saw that the elohistic fragment [ known to have a single author] resembles a description of the atom
[12:50] Corona Anatine: but also
[12:50] Corona Anatine: it opens with
[12:50] Corona Anatine: ; when the earth was destroyed [un-fromed] and made void
[12:51] Corona Anatine: to which there is other verses hinting at the same
[12:51] Corona Anatine: ‘ a mist rose form the earth and flooded the whole surface of the earth
[12:51] Corona Anatine: which sounds like the ‘amaru’ or flood
[12:52] Corona Anatine: also the verse ‘ cursed is the ground for the sake of the man of red dust
[12:52] Corona Anatine: and
[12:52] Corona Anatine: ‘ the things which shine formed man of dust of the ground
[12:52] Corona Anatine: which i think may be saying
[12:52] Corona Anatine: the things which shine turned men INTI dust
[12:53] Corona Anatine: fallout
[12:53] Corona Anatine: it all ties together
[12:53] Corona Anatine: there is also the flood itself
[12:53] Corona Anatine: which according to the legend ‘rose to the tops of the highest mountains
[12:53] Corona Anatine: we know that water never did that
[12:53] Corona Anatine: but fallout clouds would
[12:53] Corona Anatine: and moreover
[12:54] Corona Anatine: in the sumerian
[12:54] Corona Anatine: it was not water that the flood was made of
[12:54] Corona Anatine: but excrement or filth
[12:54] Corona Anatine: now in japan
[12:54] Corona Anatine: one of the things that happened
[12:54] Corona Anatine: was that the mushroom cloud sucked up radioactive dirt
[12:55] Corona Anatine: which fell as black rain
[12:55] Corona Anatine: a rain that in the noah myth ‘killed everything living thing in which there was the breath of life’
[12:55] Corona Anatine: so in conclusion something bad happened in out remote past
[12:55] Corona Anatine: it was either meteors or nukes
[12:56] Corona Anatine: meteors would be more likely
[12:56] Corona Anatine: but the elohitic fragment does resemble a description of the atom
[12:56] Corona Anatine: that points at it having been a nuclear war
[12:56] Corona Anatine: so no god
[12:56] Corona Anatine: no aliens
[12:56] Corona Anatine: no hanckcock crustal slip
[12:57] Corona Anatine: just humans destroying civilization
[12:57] Corona Anatine: thank you all


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  1. Very interesting! Thank you for posting the log. 🙂

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