A New Level Of Human…Evolution? Bah.

I wanted to post something today, but couldn’t decide what. I finally decided I would leave it and try again tomorrow, but then something really sad happened. I thought I’d indulge in the spirit of the internet and share.

So, some random guy texted me today. “Hey bro it’s lucas”

I go, “wrong number”

He replies, “really?”

I’m like LOL if you don’t trust your friends why the hell do you have them? So I reply, “first off, I’m not a dude, secondly, I don’t know anyone by your name lol sorry”

He goes, “O cool sorry do you know baileys number”


So I say, “no idea who that is”

He says, “Oh sorry ill delet this contact”

I’m like, NO SHIT. So I say, “k thanks”

I didn’t get a reply. But, really dude get the point I DONT FRACKIN KNOW YOU STOP SPAMMING ME. I have to admit this is probably the best example of how stupid people are. If I’m not who you think I am then why should I know the people you know? And if you don’t know who I am, why would you even bother asking (especially without a last name)? Like, come on people turn on the room upstairs and see what happens! It’ll be a whole new world!

Okay, but seriously, have people really gotten that stupid? I mean, I’m telling you it’s not the right number, I AM NOT the person you’re looking for. Why would you ask “really?” No, I’m just trying to be funny. I thought I’d play with you a bit. Okay, fine, so you’re testing the waters. But when I reconfirm that what I said was true, let it go! Stop wracking up my cellphone bill. You may have unlimited texts but some people work for a living and cannot afford that. So, stop wasting my time, money, and energy and get on with your life. Someone obviously either changed their number a long time ago and didn’t tell you (maybe that’s your hint that you need better friends), or they gave you the wrong number ON PURPOSE. Either way, you obviously need to surround yourself with better people.

The state of the human mind is so unfortunate. Punctuation, grammar, spelling, and real communication has become obsolete. For someone such as myself, I find it difficult to bring my thoughts down to 140 characters, but it certainly doesn’t help that I use full-length, proper words and sentences. If I could feel comfortable using “hey bro cu @ b’s 2nite 4 prty” it would likely be easier to fit my words into short sentences. But you know what, it took a lot of focus and thought just to write that example, much longer then it takes to write a full sentence. Is it worth it? I don’t think so.

Here’s to hoping that the stupidity will stop, and quick. My phone bill doesn’t like it, and neither does my brain. We are better than this, people!

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