Want Your Article In A Magazine?

Okay, I just wanted to let everyone know that Epithet and Synonym Literary Co. will be releasing a monthly magazine starting at the end of February. I am editing this magazine, so if you have an article you’d like published or art you’d like featured feel free to email it to me at [laurajones@epithetandsynonm.biz]. The topics we’re looking for are art, culture, and literature. We are willing to accept non-fiction, fiction, and poetry (if you have something else let me know and I’ll look into it). There’s no strict word limit, but I’m sure you’ve all read a magazine at some point. So, keep it magazine length – a few pages, give or take.

If you would like a copy of this magazine, join our website to receive email notices (with the magazine attached).

Also, I’d like some help choosing a name for the magazine. Does anyone have any ideas? Comments!


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