Intro Notes for Tuesday Jan 24 Discussion

Topic: Intervention for the sake of Future Generations

Rupert Read let out a publication titled, “Guardians of the Future: A Constitutional Case for representing and protecting Future People”.

In this document he argues for “the creation of a new legislative structure – Guardians of Future Generations.”

Find Entire PDF Here:

The World Future Council let out an interview with the Hungarian Ombudsman for Future Generations:

“Parliamentary commissioners or ombudspersons are elected as independent watchdogs to monitor the protection of human rights as defined in a country’s constitution.

Hungary has four such Ombudspersons and their competencies for intervention vary significantly.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations has comparatively strong powers and can stop on-going activities causing severe harm to the environment

or intervene in on-going administrative and court procedures.”

The idea of these councils is to protect the environment, ensuring that people’s of the future are able to exist in a stable, healthy environment.

“If we really feel that the procedures must be halted because otherwise irreversible environmental harm could happen,

then exceptionally we have the right to suspend a permit or authorization of a particular project.”

Read argues that, roughly, the Guardians’ powers [should] be, on this proposal, at least twofold:
a) To veto in whole or in part new legislation that threatened the basic needs and fundamental interests of future people.

b) To force a review, on petitioning, if appropriate and merited, of any existing legislation that threatens the basic needs and fundamental interests of future people.

c) The Guardians could be given the positive power to initiate legislation.

Do you think a system like this is possible, or beneficial? Is it something that could be monitored effectively, democratically?

If it’s plausible, is it a step forward? How would we ensure there was no corruption? What is too much power?

“[Society is] a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born.”
– Edmund Burke

What do you think? I open the floor.


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