How Much The World Has Changed Since Grade-School

The world is a funny place. It’s interesting how fast change comes about. I remember in grade-school my teacher told me that by the time I was in high school all students would have their own computers (laptops) and would use them for the entirety of their education. There would be no more writing. He was half right.

People also said, often, that China would take-over and become the world superpower, America having fallen. Now we can see that change happening. I was taught practically nothing about world economics, Asian influences, what Asia has to offer politically, economically, socially. Other than: “communism is bad”. Looking back on the education I got, it really did me no good now that I’m out in the world. I’m sure many other people are feeling the same way. We are taught about what is, not what could or will be. Now that I have some life experience, I’d have to say communism is all that bad. Sure, dictators suck, but as a political structure communism often does better for it’s people than capitalism. Who wouldn’t want free healthcare, education, daycare, etc.?

I also remember how ridiculous the idea of having a female president was. No one ever considered it. I remember, while watching TV with my parents one day, turning and saying “has a woman ever been president?” and they furrowed their brows and looked at me funny, wondering what the heck I was talking about. Now, Mauritius has a “…[n]ew gender law [that] specifies that at least one-third of candidates in local elections must be women.” (Not counting the accident that tried to run with Obama, women are capable)

We see all these changes happening, at an increasing rate due to technology and interconnectedness. Yet, we still teach our children little about what they should expect, about different types of political and economic systems and their potential benefits, NOT their downsides and how they’ve destroyed entire countries. We are all* brought up to believe that capitalism and a mixed-economy is the way to go. I truly hope that this isn’t the case in the future, that we can escape biases in teaching and just present the facts.

It seems as though all I was taught is no longer in effect, and if it is it’s quickly declining. By the way, I graduated high-school in 2010.

*”All” being Americans and Canadians.


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