The EPR Paradox

In her book, Punk Science: Inside the Mind of God, Dr Manjir Samantha-Laughton explains particle entanglement as a connection of two particles that will cause them to have “equal and opposite spin” (pg. 73). But she goes on to state that you can’t know which state the particle is in until you measure it. Einstein recognized that determining the spin of the “first particle determines the spin of the second” (pg. 73). He recognized that this meant that the particles are communicating instantaneously, no matter the distance, likely faster than the speed of light. If this is true, then it completely violates his theory of relativity. Later on John Bell and Alain Aspect and team proved that “entangled particles do display these spooky non-local connections” (pg. 74).

Two things bother me about this, first of all, it seems as though someone or something is mocking us. That they are making things appear to be relatively “easy” to figure out, and that we are able to find the answers, only to prove them wrong by saying “Haha, it’s actually WAY more complex than that.”

Secondly, if this is true, it could prove Singularity, among other things. I don’t like the idea that I could ‘upload’ my thoughts to the “consciousness” and someone else could read it, or “like” it. Let alone have the ability to do that to everyone else. The human mind is meant to be a private thing. We aren’t mean to be able to express what we are actually feeling, or have people really understand the truth of what we are saying (or lack of). Non-local connections are exactly as Einstein said: “spooky”. Only, we are just coming to realize the they are much spookier than we could expect.

Imagine trying to go out on a first date. All your anxiety and nerves would be passed on to the person you’re meeting with (or at least have the ability to be). So not only would you have your own anxiety to worry about you have the other persons as well, which would make things twice as awkward. Plus, how could you possibly prevent “hacking”, or mind control, or “false advertising” (“Come join us, we know how to make you a stronger, better, person.”). I don’t want the contents of my mind pouring out to the rest of the world any more than they already do in the collective unconscious. I mean, it’s weird enough to have the same topic come up with completely separate individuals in a day let alone have them “tap in” to your every thought and feeling. Imagine the overload we’d have.

Of course, all that is dependant on the fact that our brains couldn’t handle it. But, we can’t possibly know that. If the most basic of particles is able to communicate non-locally, the human brain should definitely have the capability. Perhaps it’s only a matter of getting the brain able to use more than 10% at any given time. Maybe then it could handle a whole ton of things that we can’t even imagine.

We know so little. About our world, ourselves, and everything we’re made of. Let alone everything else. It’s scary, spooky even.


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